Taster Event for LeadChange and HorseHeard. North-East

September 25, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Murton Equestrian Centre
Murton Village
Newcastle upon Tyne NE27
Heather Hardy


This taster is a free* session designed to give the opportunity to experience first-hand how we facilitate leadership and personal development through horses. It is a chance to understand how we can work with you to create bespoke powerful learning experiences.

The session will have participants from a mixture of backgrounds and organisations so it is also a great opportunity to network. We will provide the venue and refreshments and we ask that you come with an open mind.



LeadChange Courses with Horses combine interactions with horses (on the ground – not horse riding) and non-directive coaching in powerful learning experiences, through which participants explore and expand their emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and influencing capabilities.

Interacting with horses at liberty (not on lead ropes) demands the same personal qualities that make for effective communication and leadership in work and life – awareness, clarity, focus, intention, energy, empathy and influence.



Horses are adept at picking up and responding to human intention and non-verbal communication. They provide instant, honest, accurate feedback in the moment – creating experiences which get to the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively. Horses do not role play. If you want a horse to co-operate and follow, you must demonstrate real leadership. Up to 93% of meaning is communicated non-verbally.  With their prey instincts and hypersensitive awareness, horses size people up instantly and accurately. The feedback we receive tells us time and again that the learning is highly transferable and the changes are sustainable.


*We ask that you make a minimum donation of £20 to HorseHeard, our charity.  HorseHeard is a registered charity working with horses to promote positive emotional health and resilience outcomes for children, young people and adults in need. If you would like to know more about, or support, the exciting social benefit programmes offered by HorseHeard, please visit the website at www.horseheard.com  


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