This three-day foundation programme equips delegates with understanding, knowledge and practical skills for the delivery of equine-facilitated learning programmes. The course is highly experiential – blending classroom learning and hands-on sessions with horses.


    Andrew McFarlane has specialised in the creation and delivery of experiential learning programmes with horses since 2002. He is Chairman of HorseHeard – an innovative charity delivering equine-facilitated programmes in the not-for profit sector. Over the years Andrew has facilitated thousands of participants in hundreds of LeadChange workshops, both in the UK and overseas – including in France, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Ghana, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the USA. LeadChange is a recognised leader in equine facilitated learning. Andrew has an MBA and is an NLP Master Practitioner.


    • Equine Facilitated Learning – the LeadChange philosophy and approach
    • Experiential learning – the neuroscience of change
    • Mental maps – focus, expectation and attention
    • Horse sense
    • The HORSE© coaching model
    • Neurological levels of learning and change
    • Creating and holding safe space for EFL
    • Clean observation and non-judgmental awareness
    • Developing credibility and presence
    • Working with metaphor
    • Managing the horse-human interaction – practical issues
    • Creating and selecting appropriate learning exercises
    • 1:1 equine-facilitated coaching interactions
    • Working with groups / teams
    • Energy awareness / energy management


    • Location: We run programmes at venues across the UK – see our events page for more details.
    • Weather: The sessions are a mix of classroom sessions and working with the horses in an indoor riding arena so we are not affected by weather conditions.
    • Length: 3 days.
    • Numbers: 6 – 10 participants.

    What next?

    Get in touch to find out more about our Train the Trainer programme on 0333 939 0155 or email info@leadchange.com

  • Excellent – thank you. Well-paced and good balance of practice, reflection and process. I also greatly appreciated the safe and humane facilitation and support.


    Great process – embodies whole person coaching and facilitation – perfect experiential learning for transformation. Superb coaching by coaches allowed for the magnificence of horse and human to be present.