Case Studies

We have many examples that demonstrate the power of our equine based events; move your mouse over a heading to view the full case study…

Alternatively you can visit our ARTICLES pages to read or download some of our extended studies.

  • The Stallion job

    Andrew McFarlane has recently given an informative and enlightening interview to Friday magazine about his work and experiences with LeadChange. Read on …. The Stallion job: From confidence-building to meeting targets and motivating their teams, business leaders are galloping ahead by learning new skills… from horses. “Stepping forward in the indoor arena, the boss of a […]

  • 100% leadership?

    Paul (not his real name) was CEO of the UK division of a global pharmaceutical company when he participated in a LeadChange workshop. His experience illustrates the power and accuracy of the ‘equine mirror’. In a 1:1 session, Paul was being coached on his approach to achieving company objectives. He told the coach: ‘as a […]

  • Making the connection

    Increasingly the best of breed lead not by virtue of power alone, but by excelling in the art of relationship, the singular expertise that the changing business climate renders indispensable. Leadership excellence is being redefined in interpersonal terms. (From ‘Primal Leadership – Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence’, Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee) David, a delegate […]