The Stallion job

Andrew McFarlane has recently given an informative and enlightening interview to Friday magazine about his work and experiences with LeadChange. Read on ….

The Stallion job: From confidence-building to meeting targets and motivating their teams, business leaders are galloping ahead by learning new skills… from horses.

“Stepping forward in the indoor arena, the boss of a large pharmaceutical company smiled nervously. ‘In our company we set annual objectives. If we achieve 80 per cent of them, we consider it a success,’ Paul Jacobs said.

“He was then invited to walk a horse around the edge of the ring. The horse followed him and his commands to the letter – until they were 80 per cent of the way round, at which point she veered off course and wandered aimlessly into the centre of the arena.Next, a corporate manager complained of leading a low-energy team and wanted to learn how to motivate them. He was told he would be working with a lethargic horse, which he had to lead around the arena. Try as he might, the animal refused to move. A female business executive confessed she was tired of being pushed around by her CEO. She was put to work with a horse she had seen behaving immaculately all day. But the minute she started talking to it, the horse started pushing and trying to shove her out of the way.

“Coincidence? Clever coaching of animals? Trick of the mind? No, this is Equine Facilitated Learning at its best…….”

Read the complete article (PDF)

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