Experiential learning with horses. Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Facilitated Coaching for leadership, communication, team building, personal development and emotional intelligence.


LeadChange specialises in equine-facilitated workshops for leadership development, communication and team building – through innovative ‘Courses with Horses’.

Our programmes unlock potential, transform communication skills and translate knowing to doing through interventions that are innovative, effective and ‘out of the box’.



LeadChange Courses with Horses combine interactions with horses (on the ground – not horse riding) and non-directive coaching in powerful learning experiences, through which participants explore and expand their emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and influencing capabilities.

Interacting with horses at liberty (not on lead ropes) demands the same personal qualities that make for effective communication and leadership in work and life – awareness, clarity, focus, intention, energy, empathy and influence.


WHY leadchange?

We are specialists in the delivery of equine-facilitated programmes for corporate leadership, communication and team development. We also work with NEETs (young people not in employment, education or training) and pre-NEETs. We have MBAs and qualified psychologists on our team with leading-edge facilitation and coaching capabilities.

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Horses provide instant, honest, accurate feedback moment by moment to how we are being around them – to our energy and behaviour. Horses do not role play. If you want a horse to co-operate and follow, you must demonstrate real leadership.

Through insightful coaching, delegates on our programmes learn how to access the resources they need in order to be compelling communicators. The process is quick, powerful and effective. The feedback we receive tells us time and again that the learning is highly transferable and the changes are sustainable.

What next?

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