• Experiential learning with horses

    There is a gap between theory and practice; between awareness and action; between what we know and what we do. We move from knowing to doing when changes take place at a deep neurological level – through insights (‘aha’ moments) which create complex new neurological connections.

    Leaders require a dynamic combination of self-awareness, multiple intelligences and highly developed interpersonal skills. Knowledge informs; skills are developed through practice – requiring an experiential approach which allows participants to observe and learn from the impact of their behaviour. LeadChange holds up the mirror to behaviours and facilitates rapid personal development. The experiential nature of the learning ensures high transferability to the workplace.

    LeadChange courses with horses

    LeadChange has been delivering leadership development, communication and team building experiential workshops with horses for corporate executives and leaders since 2002 – with results that are frequently described as ‘life-changing’.

    LeadChange courses combine interactions with horses (on the ground – not horse riding) and non-directive coaching in powerful learning experiences, through which participants explore and expand their emotional intelligence, leadership, communication and influencing capabilities.

    Interacting with horses at liberty (not on lead ropes) demands the same personal qualities that make for effective communication and relationships in work and life – awareness, clarity, focus, intention, energy, empathy and influence.

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    Why horses?

    Horses are adept at picking up and responding to human intention and non-verbal communication. They provide instant, honest, accurate feedback in the moment – creating experiences which get to the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively. Horses do not role play. If you want a horse to co-operate and follow, you must demonstrate real leadership. Up to 93% of meaning is communicated non-verbally.  With their prey instincts and hypersensitive awareness, horses size people up instantly and accurately. The feedback we receive tells us time and again that the learning is highly transferable and the changes are sustainable.

    How it works

    • Location: We are geographically flexible so can run at locations, across the UK and internationally, which are convenient for our clients. We have a network of horses and venues all of which are carefully selected to adhere to our high standards from both a client experience and horse care perspective.
    • Weather: The sessions are a mix of classroom sessions and working with the horses in an indoor riding arena so we are not affected by weather conditions.
    • Length: Workshops are typically one day. We also run half days, and work with clients to develop series of workshops that are part of an integrated programme.
    • Numbers: To ensure the best possible experience the equine sessions are limited to groups of up to 7 participants per facilitator / horse. We can have several facilitators running groups simultaneously so can work with large numbers of participants.
  • Why LeadChange?

    We are specialists in the delivery of equine-facilitated programmes for corporate leadership, communication and team development. We have MBAs and chartered psychologists on our team with leading-edge facilitation and coaching capabilities.

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    We run taster events and ‘train the trainer’ courses throughout the year. View our calendar to find out what’s coming up in the next few months.

    HorseHeard charity

    We also have a charity, HorseHeard, working with horses to promote positive emotional health and resilience outcomes for children, young people and adults in need. Find out more at www.horseheard.com